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Introducing our first rattan collection - NOEL

Introducing our first rattan collection - NOEL

NOEL - our inaugural range of children furniture and toys specially designed with the little ones in mind. Given that Noel is derived from the old French Noël "Christmas", Noel is the perfect name for our first rattan collection. Specially birthed to spread loads of joy, play and giggles this Christmas!

NOEL - our inaugural range of children furniture and toys specially designed with the little ones in mind. Given that Noel is derived from the old French Noël "Christmas", a variant of nael, which itself is derived from the Latin natalis "birth", making Noel the perfect name for our first range of rattan collection. Specially birthed just in time to spread loads of joy, play and giggles this Christmas!


Our First Rattan Collection - NOEL


1. Aria's Victorian Dollhouse

We know that dollhouses are every little girls' (and little boys') dream to have, but dollhouses these days are often mass produced using non-recyclable plastic materials with heaps of toxic waste generated as by-products. Keeping that in mind, we set out to design a dollhouse that is able to stretch children's' imagination and let them play out their favourite fairy tales and classical scenes, all while using safe, natural and sustainable materials.

Our charming dollhouse comes with two levels and an attic; the rooms are also beautifully separated by an arch which allows your miniature friends to move between the rooms, as well as a spiral staircase for even more imaginative play. Furnish our rattan and wood dollhouse with additional tiny figurines and wooden toys for hours of fun. Moreover, good dollhouses must be durable to withstand rough play, and hence the team created a dollhouse that is beautiful and thrilling for our little ones, yet affordable and easy on the wallet.

Aria's Victorian Dollhouse

2. Noah's Animals Barn and Farmyard

If you haven't already guessed, our farmyard is named after Noah's ark and his magnificent feat of housing the many pairs of animals. We were inspired to create a crazy fun and spacious animal's barn and farmyard that can easily fit more than 50 Ostheimer and Holztiger figurines (we are fans of them too!). 

It took us weeks of brainstorming to come up with a barn that encapsulates the traditional and rustic wooden barns of yesteryears and one that guarantees endless hours of playtime! To amp up the awesomeness, we have outfitted it with two adjustable ladders and a removable stable that is able to house three figurines, so that children can let their animals run free and wild between the three levels.

With a hole from the front window as well as barn doors and windows on both sides, children can peep in to see what the cheeky animals are up to. The window fitted at the back of the barn also allows children to open it up to peer in, and close it when not in use. Plus, did we mention that only the top quality natural materials and rattan is used for our children's toys? This is so that our toys are strong and durable for our little ones and to last for generations to come!

Noah's Animals Barn and Farmyard


3. Tabby's Afternoon Tea and Snacks Cart Trolley

Masak Masak? Fancy some english tea or some local teh? Get your children to whip up some drinks and snacks and have them serve you in our dainty cart trolley! It is interesting how tea time is so ingrained in our daily lives, be it a mid-day cup of tea or coffee to sooth our nerves or some light pastries to satiate the hunger, and now you can turn this daily activity into a fun family activity and quality bonding time with your children.

With our cart trolley, children can host little parties for you and your family. Whether they choose to serve some freshly baked cakes and cookies from your oven, or make-believe drinks and food, we promise there will be loads of fun and giggles all around with our quaint rattan trolley. 

Tabby's Afternoon Tea and Snacks Cart Trolley


4. Howard's Moving Books & Toys Storage Truck

Our truck is loosely named from one of our favourite films (adapted from a novel) - Howl's Moving Castle. We thought it was perfect for our books and toys storage truck to pay homage to the film, especially given that our truck will hold the bearers of joy, adventures, fairy tales and fantasies. We are talking about the numerous books and soft toys that our storage truck can hold!

Howard's Moving Books & Toys Storage Truck


We foresee that our truck will be a top favourite as not only does it practically holds books and toys and other knick knacks that children love to collect, they will also find it delightful to be able to cart their favourite belongings around the house. Because of its compact size, our storage truck can be stowed away at the end of the day, yet fit right at your home with its gorgeous rattan design. Take a peep at the front at the front of the truck. Did you notice that we have fitted it with little drivers' seats and headlights - it's all about the details to make it all the more fun and adorable!

Howard's Moving Books & Toys Storage Truck Front


And there you have it, a quick introduction of our first ever rattan Children's Toy launch. Not to boast, but we think that our rattan products will make the best Christmas gifts for children this 2020! And if you feel so too, hurry place your orders online to have it delivered before Christmas. What's more, orders within Singapore will enjoy free doorstep delivery for any purchase above $150. (;

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