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Rattan Care


The rattan plant is a climbing vine (part of the palm family) that grows rapidly and naturally in the tropical rainforests in Africa and Asia. A sustainable resource in our natural environment, the rattan plant is a great alternative to wood (timber) and plastic.

Rattan is commonly used for household products such as furniture and home decor because of its strength. It has a strong solid core which makes it durable and sturdy - an ideal furniture material that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


To access the rattan core, skins of rattan strands are peeled off. Rattan is a natural material and thus variation in colours like stripes of brown, red, green, and black are testaments of the rattan's natural origins, and is what makes each product unique.

We also combine rattan and wood in some of our products. Distinctive markings on the wood are normal as the tree was subjected to different weather and natural forces. Variation in wood grains (Knots, Split, Stains, Visible lines) and the changing colours and structures are part of the wood's natural elements, and are not indicative that they are not defective in any way.


While we are committed in providing only the best rattan furniture for your home and the safest children's toys for your littles ones, here are some care tips that will help you maintain the quality and appearance of our rattan products. Follow these tips to get the best service from them, and increase the longevity of these rattan furniture and toys heirlooms for generations to come!

1. Keep your rattan products away from direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time to avoid the colours from fading.

2. Keep your rattan products indoors and limit exposure to rain, and keep it sheltered from extreme elements.

3. Gently wipe down our products with a moist cloth to remove dust or spill. Let it dry for a couple of hours under natural sunlight if it is dampened.

4. Use a soft brush to clean woven rattan and avoid the use of abrasive cleaning agents.