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Ellie's Organisation and Crafts Cart

Manage your art supplies with an art cart!

"My children love crafting but I hate the mess!" Sounds familiar? Have you been looking for an organising cart but have found it difficult to find the right one that will complement your home and living space? We totally understand how that feels!


Ellie's Organisation and Crafts Cart


We cannot deny our children the opportunities to craft and learn. Some of us have spent the money on art supplies but because we do not know how to organise and contain the mess, these supplies are often kept away in cupboards and cabinets where children have difficulty to access it. In fact, the best way to get our children curious on writing and crafting is to organise all stationary and art supplies within their sight and reach. 

Here are some of our organising tips which will help to minimise all the clutter you are frustrated about.


How an art and crafts cart work in our home

The art and craft cart is a self-service system. We are all busy working parents, managing household chores, and often do not have time and energy (and sometimes patience) to help our children to find their art supplies every other minute.

Ellie's Organisation and Crafts Cart


Tip #1 - I put in only art supplies that I want my children to be able to use without the need for my constant supervision. This means that no big tubes of paint and no permanent markers. In my cart, you can find colour pencil, crayons, washable markers, washable paint and I teach my children how to use these art supplies before I leave the cart to them. We have been very successful with this so far! My children have free access to their art cart and there are no doodles or drawings on the wall till date. 

Tip #2 - Positive reinforcement. I always remind my children it is their responsibility to maintain the art cart because all art supplies belong to them. Use this chance to enforce discipline and responsibility in our children. Have small holders with labels so that there is a routine in place and your children can keep their markers, pencils, paint brush after use. 

Tip #3 - Choose a cart with wheels. My children write and craft either at the dining table or at the children's table, both placed in our common living room. Therefore, it is important to pick a cart that has wheels. When the creative mood arise, our children will reach for the portable art cart, roll, and park it to where they decide to craft. After crafting and learning, my children will roll the craft cart back to its designated spot.

Ellie's Organising and Crafts Cart


Now that you are convinced about having an art cart at home, may we introduce our beautifully designed rattan organising cart that sets us apart from the organising carts that you currently see in the market. Ellie's Organising and Crafts Cart is designed by Kathy's Cove here in sunny Singapore, and is handcrafted using sustainable and high quality rattan. Shop online today and orders within Singapore will enjoy free doorstep delivery for any purchase above $150!

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