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For each order made in December, Kathy's Cove will be donating S$2 to WWF's efforts in fighting climate change! 🎁

Trunks & Organisation

Organise your child's soft toys, crafting materials, games and learning materials with our rattan art cart trolley, or choose to store them in our aesthetic rattan trunks! Our rattan trunks are ideal for stowing away toys after a day's use while keeping them within easy reach for your little ones. Our rattan craft cart is also well-loved for its signature rainbow design and how functional it is with its 2-tier spacious storage and removable wheels that allow for more convenience and easy access for random spurts of creativity! 

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Frequently asked questions

For Local Delivery within Singapore

Standard delivery is free for any local orders above S$150. For orders less than S$150, our standard delivery is charged at a flat rate of S$10.

For International Delivery

We ship to all countries. Shipping costs differ per country based on the number of items and weight. Fill in your address and the shipping costs will be automatically calculated at checkout.

We are currently only based online, and shipping out all orders from Singapore. We understand that shopping online can be daunting and if you have any questions about our rattan furniture or rattan toys, you may reach out to us directly via our chat or via email at

All our rattan furniture and rattan toys are handcrafted using natural rattan and wood, they are hence not waterproof and are best kept indoors.

To increase the longetivity of your rattan items, keep your rattan products sheltered and limit its exposure to rain and extreme elements.

To remove dust or spill, gently wipe down our products with a moist cloth.

To clean any woven rattan surfaces, use a soft brush to gemtly clean it and avoid the use of abrasive cleaning agents.

Let your rattan furniture or rattan toy dry for a couple of hours under natural sunlight if it is dampened.