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5 Ways to Organise Your Children’s Spaces with some of our rattan furniture!

5 Ways to Organise Your Children’s Spaces with some of our rattan furniture!

Maria Montessori, an Italian physician & educator believed that children are capable of their own learning in an environment that supports & respects their developmental needs. 

A home is where the child feels safe & trust in not only their home environment but also the world. The child starts to interact with the world around her/him with a sense of belonging, positivity & security. 

An orderly environment helps to reduce the build-up of cortisol levels (that is detrimental to brain development & thus learning). It also helps to build focus & concentration as the child is offered limiting choices. Montessori said that “Order is one of the needs of life which, when it is satisfied, produces a real happiness.” At home, we as parents can provide an orderly, clutter-free, and calm space WITH our children AFTER we’ve tidied our own belongings so that we can help them feel safe and secure. 

A Montessori positive home environment that is organized has the following features:

  1. There is predictability and hence safety when there’s a “place for everything, and everything in its place” 
  2. Children’s need for independence is supported by making items accessible to them. Children learn to trust in their own abilities thus building their self-confidence & self-reliance as they start to move from depending on the adults at home to collaborating with them and finally to being completely independent
  3. The home is a homogenously organised space with the adults role-modeling how to care for & maintain the home. Children are thus empowered to contribute in meaningful ways to work together with their parents to organize and help with tasks around the home.

The KonMari® tidying method encourages one to mindfully tidy up their belongings before inspiring other family members to do so at home (the 5 KonMari® tidying categories which are Clothes, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous items, and Sentimental items). This decision-making is based on happiness, comfort, and convenience.

After this tidying process is complete, the items are given a “home” based on their category (& not by location of the home) so that one has a clear idea of how many items they own without having to buy unnecessary duplicates as well as clutter from rebounding. This is called a “Tidying Festival” & is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Belongings are given a word of thanks at the end of the day when they are put away in designated locations during the “daily tidying” process.

Children are then involved in each of the above steps to participate in their own ‘tidying festivals’ so that there is strengthening of connection & mutual respect between them & their parents when they are encouraged to decide what belongings they would like to keep, how they’d like to organise and discard them.

I’m sharing how you can use 5 Kathy’s Cove products to help children feel empowered to keep their spaces neat based on the KonMari® Tidying Categories and to beautify their spaces with natural rattan:


When organising clothes, bring similar sub-categories together from around the home and store them together in a rectangular container. Teach them the KonMari® vertical folding technique for clothes that can be folded and use a tension rod to help them hang clothes at their height for those that can’t be folded.

The open shelves in the Stacy’s Sunrise Display Arch Hutch are perfect to display not only a few clothing options out but also their favourite nighttime toys and books. This shelf is lightweight so if you feel you need to use it in their play space, it allows the flexibility to do that. 

For my family, folding clothes at the end of the day is a way for us to bond & talk about the happenings of the day. 

Label the containers by using a photo of or writing the sub-category so that it becomes intuitive for your children to put away their clean clothes. 


Having a dedicated space to put away shoes that is at the child’s height is vital to encourage independence. We love the Joy’s Sunrise Shoe Rack as it not only makes our entry area beautiful but also provides ample space for shoe storage. You could even include labeled baskets for individual pairs of shoes for younger children on the shelves. As always, have limited choices out to prevent overwhelm with decision-making and to make outdoor transitions smoother.

Reading Space

My children are avid readers, and we are very proud of our little home library. As a home organiser, I recommend not having books scattered in various locations of the house. Setting up intuitive systems in one location that are not confusing to the child will make access and putting away a lot easier. Stacy’s Sunrise Display Arch Hutch is great to use in reading spaces coupled with the comfy Hope’s Sunrise Reading Armchair

Art Material

Art materials are a must-have in every home. They’re one of the most open-ended materials you could provide to your child to boost their creativity and keep them entertained for hours! I love trolley carts for homes in general especially when you need to be efficient with small spaces and it was no surprise that Ellie’s Organising Craft Cart fit the bill straight away. Its compact size (it also has a wheel option if your child needs to bring it to other locations for learning or play) and spaced-out tiered shelving will house your child’s art & craft materials in an organised and accessible manner. Don’t forget to repurpose cookie tins, glasses, and other containers to compartmentalise individual categories of materials. Label them for easy tidying up for later!


Research studies have shown that having a few toy options out while the rest is stored away for rotation, promotes focused and increased quality of play. By keen observation of your child’s play, display their favourites and swap them out for “new” ones from your storage when you see they need a change. Stacy’s Sunrise Display Arch Hutch or even the Joy’s Sunrise Shoe Rack are wonderful options for your child’s play space. Use shallow containers or even trays to “house” smaller toys and activities on the shelves.

And there you have it! I trust that this post helped you see how Kathy’s Cove products are versatile and seamlessly integrate into adult spaces without compromising on beauty & space efficiency. 

Tidying has transformed how I parent so I can build trusting & positive relationships with my children every day. We are now intentional with inviting items in our home that align with our family’s values and priorities. Teaching my children important life skills of contributing in a meaningful way at home with family tasks, has been one of the most fulfilling results of the KonMari® Method.

Bio: Dr. Aparna is a KonMari® home organising Consultant, sustainability advocate, and Montessori Positive Parenting Coach. She is passionate about empowering parents in fostering meaningful family connections by creating a peaceful home environment through mindful organising strategies.

She shares her family’s low waste lifestyle, Montessori-inspired parenting journey, and tips to organise your home using the KonMari® Method on Instagram.


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