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Packing for a Picnic and Painting playdate this June Holiday!

Packing for a Picnic and Painting playdate this June Holiday!

The long awaited June holiday is finally here! Now that group restrictions are lifted, it is time to head outdoors for play dates. There are many benefits of spending time outdoor. Research shows that children who play outdoors are happier and less anxious than children who spend most of their time indoors. It is not only beneficial for children's mental health and well-being, it also keeps them physically active through play. 

For our children who have spent so much for their time indoors with the covid restrictions, we may have that one child who complains about the sun and the heat making it a struggle for parents to head out. Today, we share one outdoor activity you can do and pack for your children this June holiday - a Picnic and Painting Playdate. 

The time of your picnic matters! In sunny Singapore, avoid having a picnic in the afternoon. Most of us will prefer to picnic in the evening right before the sun sets. Our favourite picnic spots are East Coast Park, Sentosa and Marina Barrage! East Coast Park and Sentosa are desired picnic spots for children who would also love the option to swim and play with sand. Marina Barrage on the other hand offers the opportunity for you and your children to fly a kite! These highly popular picnic spots are also near the coast, and the cooling sea breeze makes it suitable for picnic in the evening. 

Bring art materials - paint and canvas! Bring your picnic playdate to the next level with painting. After spending so much time preparing to head out, we want our children to enjoy being outside as much as possible. If your picnic is going to be at the nearby playground where they have been there a dozen times, then an additional art activity will help to lengthen the time outside. 

If your child is painting outdoor for the first time, try getting your child to paint on a small canvas board so that it is less intimidating. Head to your nearest art store to grab one, they are wallet friendly and usually do not cost more than two dollars for a canvas board. Remember to differentiate your instructions. Get your older children to draw and paint the scene in front of them. For younger children, opt for canvas painting kits where children can paint according to the instructions on the template given. Always start small! The bonus of painting outdoors is that the mess is created outside your home. But remember to bring wet wipes, cloth and water to clean up after the session

Bring food! We enjoy preparing for picnics. Plan ahead and arrange a baking session with your children at home a few days before the picnic. It is also a great way to bond with them. We usually bake plenty of pecan nut chocolate chip cookies and blackout brownies since we can easily bake it without an electric mixer.  

For last minute picnic plans, head to the supermarket to grab ready made meals like sushi and bento boxes, not forgetting snacks and drinks. You can also consider the bakery for some croissants and bread. If you are up for more, prepare a charcuterie board especially if your partner is coming along for the picnic. Dried fruits, nuts, crackers and cheeses are always great addition to a picnic. Snack on them as you watch your children paint or run around the park. The variety of food and drinks make it picture-perfect for all your Pinterest and social media sharing!

With food and art materials ready, head down for your picnic and have jolly good time. With plenty to pack, consider packing all of your picnic essentials in our very spacious Piper's Handwoven Vintage Picnic Basket. Its jumbo size allows you to fill the basket with your picnic essentials like picnic mats, utensils and a whole 3-course meal if you desire. Its vintage design will also add a stylish touch to your day-out picnic! Have a joyous time!


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