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Add an enchanting touch to your space with our latest rattan arrivals

Add an enchanting touch to your space with our latest rattan arrivals

Elevate your home with our fresh off the boat new rattan furniture collection! From flexible storage solutions to a plant rack that will surely put a smile on your face, each handcrafted rattan piece adds a charming touch to your space. Discover the beauty of these natural and sustainable home decor today!

1. Avery's Two Door Wood & Rattan Storage Cabinet: A Statement of Elegance

Enhance the style of any room with our Avery's Two Door Wood & Rattan Storage Cabinet. Available in both Black and Natural shades, this cabinet effortlessly adapts to various interior styles – from coastal and bohemian to farmhouse and modern. Its spacious interior is equipped with two removable shelf ledges, offering ample storage space for your essentials.

Crafted from premium mindi wood, the cabinet boasts a sturdy and durable frame. Its  exquisite rattan-lined top and rattan doors add a touch of texture and visual appeal, making this piece a true statement of elegance in any setting.

2. Ellie's Display & Organising Plant Rack: Where Green Meets Glamour

Calling all plant parents and greenery enthusiasts! Ellie's Display & Organising Plant Rack is your golden ticket to transforming your plant kingdom. It's not just a rack; it's a display stage for your beloved plants, flowers, and herbs. The secret? The open rattan cores at the base, granting your plants the freedom to breathe and flourish.

3. Bonnie's Rattan Woven Storage Basket Set: Conquer Clutter in Style

Tackle clutter effortlessly with Bonnie's Rattan Woven Storage Basket Set. Available in both Black and Natural options, this set includes two sizes of rattan baskets that cater to different organisational needs. The larger basket is perfect for stowing away laundry, blankets, pillows, and toys, while the smaller one neatly organises books, magazines, or smaller essentials.

4. Mason's Wall Display Ledge With Hooks: Hang It All, Playfully

Who says functional can't be fun? Enter Mason's Wall Display Ledge With Hooks, the answer to all your entryway, bedroom, and nursery decor needs. Five sturdy hooks for convenient placements of your keys, bags, and hats - turning a regular ledge into a master of organisation.

Handcrafted with a captivating half-rainbow design on its sides, our rattan wall ledge also adds a whimsical touch to your space, making it both functional and aesthetically appealing.


In a nutshell, our rattan furniture collection isn't just furniture; think of it as a symphony of style, functionality, and charming aesthetic. Each piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted to bring the beauty of natural rattan and materials right into your home.

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