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Learning through play with felt toys!

Learning through play with felt toys!

A significant portion of human development happens from birth to eight years old. During these foundation years, a child develops his cognitive skills, social competence, emotional welling for a successful adulthood. Educational research also shows that learning during early childhood takes place at a speed that will never be replicated later on in life. 

With a safe and prepared environment. children between zero to two is learning at a speed of 1,000 per second. Recent studies seems to suggest that neural connections are taking place at a faster speed. During the preschool years between three to six year old, we see a child's language and vocabulary expanding rapidly. It is also at this age where stimulation and learning comes from playing, singing, reading and interactions with fun loving peers and caring adults. Play in the preschool years enables children to explore and make sense of the world around them. Play also allow children to tap on their imagination and creativity. Play is now recognised by educators as one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills

Since children learn best through play-based, hands-on experiences, it is important to provide children with age appropriate play materials. Children make sense of their world from real-life experience and are motivated to learn when the toys are relevant and interesting to them. Play food sets are one of the best children's toys. They provide young children with endless opportunities for imaginative play. In addition, they complement play kitchens when gifted together. 

Consider adding our range of felt food to your children's toys. All our felt toys are brightly coloured, soft and safe for young children. In addition, we have designed our felt toys to reflect the food culture we have in Singapore. 

Satay, or meat skewers is a must try dish in Singapore. Savour the flavours of Southeast Asia with our hand-sewn Satay with Ketupat and Banana Leaf Felt Toys Set. With 4 satay skewers, 4 ketupat, 2 slices of onions, 2 slices of cucumbers, 2 slices of tomatoes, a banana leaf tray, and peanut sauce, this set replicates the actual dish found in our hawker centres making it perfect for imaginative play.

Give in to your sweet tooth and add some sweet fun to playtime with our Assorted Tea Time Cakes Felt Toys Set. With 1 felt brownie, 1 felt blackforest cake, 1 felt cream cake, and 1 felt Swiss roll all hand-sewn, it's the ultimate playtime treat.

Get your caffeine fixed! Relax and enjoy playtime with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake with our Coffee with a Slice of Cake Felt Toys Set.

Japanese food is definitely one of the most popular cuisine in Singapore. So how can we forget sushi? Savour playtime with our Premium Sushi and Maki Felt Toys Set. This hand-sewn set includes 1 tempura ebi sushi, 1 ebi sushi, 1 unagi sushi, and more, plus chopsticks. This is one of our favourite food set as your child can also take this opportunity to practice using chopsticks as they work with playing with this set. 

Get ready to enjoy a fruit-filled playtime with our Seasonal Fruits Felt Toys Set, or escape to a tropical paradise with our hand-sewn Tropical Fruits Felt Toys Set! Featuring 6 of the juiciest and most vibrant fruits, this set is perfect for imaginative play and adding a pop of colour to any room. From the sweet and juicy pineapple to the unique and exotic dragonfruit, this set is packed with all your favourite tropical flavours.

We have also restocked our ever popular leafy vegetable set. Continue to introduce leafy vegetables to encourage your child to adopt healthy eating habits with a variety of salad fruits and vegetables.

In addition, a bountiful harvest will surely delight all aspiring farmers and gardeners! The bright and wide variety of vegetables, fruits and mushroom will surely encourage your child to enact fun scenes of harvesting and cooking.

With so many kinds of food options for your children to engage with, they will have endless fun as they pair these food sets with their play kitchen. Add them all to cart, orders within Singapore will enjoy free doorstep delivery for any purchase above $150.

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