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Does your baby need a play gym?

Does your baby need a play gym?

Does a baby need a play gym? After all, a newborn will be napping and feeding all day. A play gym becomes useful when your baby hits his first month. You will notice that your baby will start to become more alert and awake. During such time, a baby play gym will become highly useful as you go about your day. It is a safe spot for your baby to relax and entertain himself as you fold your laundry, answer your phone calls or clean your house with your baby within sight. Let's also not forget the developmental benefits a baby play gym can provide.  

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Firstly, it helps your baby to develop fine motor skills

Manual dexterity is the ability to use your hands in a skilful, coordinated way to grasp and manipulate objects and demonstrate small, precise movements. Studies have shown that manual dexterity is directly tied to cognitive development. You can provide opportunities to help your baby to develop his fine motor skills by investing in a baby play gym.

Dangle toys that would excite your babies - toys with mirrors reflect their faces and toys with music would captivate them. You will find your baby kicking in excitement as your baby naturally reach out and try to grasp these hanging toys. As a baby reach, kick and grasp for the toys within their sight, they also develop other muscles in their body especially the legs, arms and neck. 

Secondly, it helps your baby to cross the midline

Have you heard about crossing the midline? It is needed for tasks that involve the use of both hands, where they work together to complete a job. All babies develop differently. Nonetheless, crossing the midline starts as soon as a baby starts reaching for objects with two hands. On average, most baby develop this ability at around 4 months of age.  A baby play gym trains a baby's hand-eye coordination and help the baby to improve his ability to cross the body's midline as a baby focus on the hanging object and bring both hands together. The ability for both hands to come to and cross the invisible vertical line down the middle of the body is a very important skill for children to develop. 

Thirdly, it helps to develop your baby's vision

A newborn can only see objects that are 8 to 15 inches away. In fact, the baby's vision is blurred at birth. A baby sees only in black and white, with shades of grey from newborn to 4 months of age. A play gym stimulates the vision as a baby focus on the hanging toys and reach out to grab them. A little effort goes a long way. Continuous usage of the play gym from birth till 6 months will see a remarkable improvement in the baby’s visual perception and coordination.  


Are you convinced that you will need a play gym for your baby? Consider our rattan play gym proudly designed by Kathy's Cove. Lily's Baby Play Gym Frame is truly a charming and sustainable alternative to the plastic play gyms that are commonly available. Designed to fit stylishly into your home and baby nursery, they are also functionally handcrafted to be safe, stable, and hardy for your baby's use.

Also consider to add on baby safe play gym toys from Hello Little Chompers and Noodoll, a London based design brand exclusively distributed by Hey Happy Puff. These baby safe play gym toys are going on a special price from 8 March 2021 to 15 April 2021. 


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