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Kathy's Cove Felt Toys

Felt food for pretend play in the kitchen

When it comes to choosing toys, play kitchen ranks amongst the top when it comes to open-ended and pretend-play because of the immense amount of benefits for a child's development. However, your children's play kitchen and cart trolley are only complete when you have a sufficient amount of pretend play food toys. 


Kathy's Cove Felt Toys


Wooden toys are getting all the attention and rave these days and plastic toys are significantly cheaper, so why choose felt toys instead of plastic toys or wooden toys when it comes to food for kitchen play? 

All our felt food toys are handcrafted by our team of artisans. As each piece is handmade, you can expect our felt food to be very detailed and dedicatedly crafted.

Our artisans are also able to go deep into every small details. Let's just take a look at our Kueh Lapis felt toys which is part of our Indonesian Kueh (also known as bite-sized snack or dessert) set. Observe closely and you will be able to see the layers of the Kueh Lapis. Surely, plastic toys and wooden toys are not able to replicate such details.


Kathy's Cove Indonesia Kue Felt Toys Set


Our felt food closes the gap and bring you food items closer to home. The current plastic toys and wooden toys feature your typical vegetables, meat, seafood and fruit products. However, living in Singapore, we have a wide variety of cuisine in our food centres. We believe it is important to expose and broaden our children to the diverse food culture, which is unique to Singapore's culture.

Use our felt toys to connect with your children and encourage interaction between friends and siblings through play. Or take this chance to educate them about our Singapore hawker culture, after all, it is now on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list!


Kathy's Cove Dim Sum Set Felt Toy


If you're worried about the Felt Toys being dirty, don't be! Simply hand wash and clean them gently with cold water and light soap. Pat dry with paper towels and hang them to dry under the sun. It's that simple!

Now that you are convinced on the benefits of felt toys for your play kitchen, may we invite you to check out our range of felt food brought to you by our team of artisans. Plus, enjoy free shipping in Singapore when you spend above $150!

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