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Kathy's Cove Isaac's Unordinary Unicorn Rocking Chair

The Rocking Horse Of Yesteryears Is Back With A Twist!

A classic symbol of childhood, the rocking horse has a history of more than 500 years. The rocking horse in its current form dates back to the 17th Century when wooden rocking horses first appeared in Europe. Popular amongst the upper class and wealthy European families, the rocking horse was used in these household to prepare young children to gallop in the real world. There were also others who believed that the rocking horse was created so that young children could mimic their fathers involved in wars or were in the wild to hunt. 


Isaac's Unordinary Unicorn Rocking Chair


What are the benefits in owning a rocking horse in the house today? Well, the rocking movement on the rocking horse helps to stimulate the vestibular (inner ear) system, which is a crucial part of our body to develop balance. In addition, balancing requires children to make use of their upper body muscles. In the process of playing, your children will develop gross motor skills as they learn to use their upper body strength to generate a push-pull motion. They will also be able to practice keeping their body upright in order to perform the regular swing on the rocking horse. Fine motor skills are also developed in the process of playing with their rocking horse. Their children will need to place and coordinate their hands and feet on the rocking to generate the swing. 


Most importantly, the rocking unicorn promotes independent play as your children can spend hours alone on the rocking horse. Let them imagine and embark on their own mythical journey and unleash their imagination. We think a rocking horse is an ideal toy for any parent who wants to keep their restless children active and engaged at home on a wet and rainy day.

The rocking horse has been desired and owned by generations of people. It is a testament to their longevity and relevancy to childhood. The rocking horse may appear to be a simple toy but it will appeal greatly to children.

Let Isaac's unordinary unicorn chair bring your children on magical journeys as they envision themselves sailing across galaxies with this fantastical chair. Our rattan unicorn rocking horse is handcrafted by a professional team of craftsmen and only sustainable rattan materials are used in our creation. 


Kathy's Cove Isaac's Unordinary Unicorn Rocking Chair


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