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Five Auspicious Plants for this Lunar New Year!

Five Auspicious Plants for this Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year is the celebration of spring! It is the start of a new year and it is a tradition for many families to visit nurseries and fill their homes with sweet smelling plants. Plants with symbolic meanings are also extremely popular as families celebrate and welcome the year together. We share our favourite plants for this Lunar New Year!

Pussy Willows

The start of Spring! Pussy Willow blooms the earliest and is one of the first few plants to welcome the new year. Many families choose to decorate their homes with Pussy Willow in branches or pots as it symbolises prosperity and growth. While the Pussy Willow is off-white in it its natural colour, you will also find them in dyed colours -red, purple or amber gold. It is relatively easy to care for and maintain the plant. If it is potted, simply change the water every alternate day for the Pussy Willow to last even months after the Lunar New Year.


Phalaenopsis, the butterfly orchid, is a popular gift for loved ones. Though they are delicate and are usually priced higher than the other flowers, they sell out quickly during Lunar New Year because of its symbolism. Orchids are known to bring happiness and abundance to the family. Orchids are also known for fertility and abundance. 

Lucky Bamboo

A popular plant in every Chinese family, you can be sure to find a pot near the entryway or sometimes placed on a side table. Families also dress the lucky bamboo up with red ribbons and other lucky lunar new year charms. According to Chinese traditions, the number of lucky bamboo has different significance. Chinese avoid having four stalks of lucky bamboo because four represents death. Most families would prefer having three or eight stalks of lucky bamboo. Three stalks represent happiness, wealth and longevity. Eight is a lucky number according to the Chinese tradition, and it symbolises prosperity and wealth. 


Long maintenance and easy to care for, deep red anthuriums are not only popular during Lunar New Year but also make a great house plant throughout the year. Known to be a one of the top air purifying plants, it is able to filter out xylene, ammonia and even formaldehyde. Furthermore, the deep red anthurium symbolizes good luck and good fortune. Anthuriums require only bright and indirect sunlight and are able to thrive indoors. Thus, it is not surprising that anthurium is a popular plant choice for many families.  


Peace Lily

Peace lilies are similar to the Anthuriums. They are also popular in homes all year round because of their air purifying function. It is able to filter out similar chemicals in the atmosphere such as xylene and formaldehyde. The only stark difference between the Peace Lily and the Anthurium is the ivory white flowers. Peace Lily is also able to thrive indoors, requiring only low to medium light, making it one of the easiest house plants to care for. 

We hope you find a plant that brings life and love into our homes, setting the right mood for the festive season ahead. 


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