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Is a push toy beneficial for a toddler?

Is a push toy beneficial for a toddler?

The transition year from a baby to a toddler is going to be amazing. Your baby will transit from crawling to walking and you will start to hear them attempt to articulate their first words. There will be so many developmental milestones that will happen during this transition period. The larger push along toys are very popular amongst toddlers in this age group because of the range of benefits from these great early developmental toys. 

Push toys help build gross motor skills. Most toddlers take their first step and start to walk at the age between 9 and 15 months. Push toys can provide assistance to toddlers and help provide support for those who are not yet ready to stand or walk on their own. Moving along with a push toy helps them to build confidence as they develop their strength and balance over time. While we do not encourage parents to rush the process of walking, we do acknowledge the wonderful features of a push toy. Most push toys also come with a handle bar which helps to hold on and allow them to move along. Nonetheless, it important you consider the height of the handle bar for your child's comfort.

Toddlers are also active by nature and have a great need to move around. Toddlers and preschool children should play actively several times a day. Research has highly recommended toddlers to have at least 60 minutes of active play every day. With a busy and hectic schedule, it can be difficult to find time to bring toddlers out to the park everyday. Having push toys in the house can help your toddler stay active while developing your toddler's gross motor skills at the same time. Encourage your toddlers to move at home with Lewis' Toys Storage car. Most toddlers love vehicle especially cars because of its familiarity. Allow them to put their favourite plush toys into the toy storage car and you will see them pushing this around the house. Pushing toys around may be a simple task, you can be sure that your toddler will learn to problem solve as they navigate and move back with the push toy around the house and understand that these toys will not necessary fit every corner. 

Push toys encourage pretend play, stimulate the mind and can double up its function in other play scenarios as well. Playing with push toys that resemble real-life items like a snack cart trolley or a push car allow them to enter the magical world of pretend play. As toddlers pretend play, they also start to build up their vocabulary as they role-play familiar situations. They will start to act out scenarios that they have experienced and explore new ideas that come to their mind. Imagine how cute it would be to watch your child role-playing and re-enacting daily activities like a trip to the supermarket. A well designed push toy can also be highly durable and sturdy. You will find that these push toys have a long mileage in the play room as they tend to last a long time. You can be certain that these push toys will be a worthy purchase for their play value. 

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