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5 tips from Marie Kondo on organising your home for kids

By now, we are sure everyone is familiar with Marie Kondo, as well as her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. And we thought we would share 5 tips that we have learned from Marie Kondo on organising your home for kids. While it may be difficult to stick to these practices initially, you will find that when you do them repeatedly they will end up as a positive organising habit!


Make Room by Tidying Up

The very first step to organising your home, and creating a comfortable environment for your children and loved ones is... *drum roll please* ...tidying up! Sort pieces and items room by room, start by identifying the items that spark joy and are vital to learning; thereafter, discard items that are no longer essential and delightful (don't forget to say thank you to them first!). By decluttering, it will allow for more space for your kids to play and learn freely and ultimately create a conducive learning space. 


Store Books Upright

We have to admit that when we first read about this tip, we didn't think that such an obvious tip will make a big difference. But we have since eaten our words, and made a conscientious effort to keep our books upright (although it admittedly affects our aesthetic preferences sometimes!). By storing books upright, it is so much easier to take out the books and place them back. It also makes the books easier to reach for the little ones - which surely helps in building good reading habits!


Kathy's Cove - KonMari Tips - Store Books Upright

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Keep Surfaces Clutter-Free

When your desk or study area is messy and cluttered, it creates unnecessary stress and distraction. Think about all the time we can save when all the stationery, materials, paperwork are stored at specific places. This thus brings us to the next tip from KonMari...


Tidy With Trays

By using organisational trays and storage pouches, it allows you to allocate dedicated spaces on desks and study areas for specific items. What's more, picking beautifully designed trays that spark joy, will boost morale and make the little ones happier!


Carve Out a Cozy Reading Nook

As parents, we may feel anxious about making sure our children are able to read well or to instill good reading habits in our children. It is thus important to create a perfect cozy reading area to make casual reading and learning a positive experience! Furnish it with comfortable cushions, your kid's favourite toys, and books, to create a welcoming reading nook that they will naturally gravitate towards - this makes reading pleasurable and turning it into a positive hobby.


Kathy's Cove - KonMari Tips - Create reading nook
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