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Create an invigorating space with our latest collection - Florence

Our newest collection Florence features a range of thoughtfully designed rattan furniture and rattan homeware that fits right into every corner of your home. There is truly no place like home based on our experience in the last year - where we were pushed to live within a confined space to work, play, and relax within the same area. We saw a greater need to create an inviting, personal and serene home environment amidst all the uncertainty and chaos experienced in the past year. Hence, our vision for Florence is to create a symbol of renewed hope in the coming year and an attempt to find a delicate balance amidst the chaos and calm at home. 



Olivia's Rattan Round Tray

Olivia's Round Tray


Are you missing the laid-back vibes of the island life? You can now surprise your family members or other half with a hearty breakfast in bed. We guarantee it will be well worth it to see the smile on their face. Intentionally designed with convenient cutout handles, our spacious round rattan tray is able to take you straight from your kitchen to your bedroom in one trip. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so choose these delightful breakfast ideas which are easy to prepare and nutritious at the same time. Alternatively, if you need a quick way to dress up your dining table or coffee table, Olivia's Round Rattan Tray has a large surface area for you to add a vase of fresh flowers or books to add an immediate touch of class and elegance to liven up the look of your house.


Oscar's Rattan Hexagon Tray


Use scent to transform any part of your home in seconds and slow down after work or unwind during the weekend. Our charming Oscar's Hexagon Rattan Tray is conveniently sized to be placed in every part of your home. An essential oil diffuser or a scented candle are some of our favourite ways to bring forth a relaxing vibe. These small additions can make a big difference to your mood at home. Our hexagon tray is also perfect for holding your keys, masks, and various knick-knacks. Simply place our rattan hexagon tray at the entryway of your home or tv console for easy access.


Spencer's Toys & Storage Rattan Trunk (Small & Large Bundle)

Spencer's Toys & Storage Rattan Trunk (Small & Large Bundle)


Clutter is the enemy of clarity. Now that work from home models have gained traction, it is important to remove clutter to improve productivity and focus. Tidy up your home and use loose furniture to your advantage. Spencer's Toys and Storage Rattan Trunk is our solution for you to store and hide away things that you need frequently but still be able to access them easily when you need them. Available in two sizes (small and large), these perfectly sized rattan storage trunks can store all your everyday essentials - grocery bags, cushions, comfort toys, plushies, clean clothes, and towels. With two handles at the sides, it is truly convenient and easy for you to carry the trunk from one room to another. Consider purchasing our bundle and stack them up to create more space.



Agatha's Two Door Storage Rattan Cabinet


Alternatively, loose furniture like Agatha's Two Door Storage Cabinet comes in handy too. A gorgeous multi-purpose cabinet with a rattan frame, it comes equipped with hardy storage shelves lined with rattan weaving. This three-tier cabinet is a perfect way to beautify your hall entryway, nursery, or bedroom while providing ample storage space for your everyday necessities. Loose furniture is always a great option as it gives you the flexibility for changes in the future that requires you to reconfigure the layout of your home.  


Sophie's Rattan Arch Mirror with Ledge


Consider hanging Sophie's Arch Mirror with Ledge above your dressing table or entryway. Designed with a functional front tray, the ledge can be used for storing your cosmetics and jewelry that you use daily. It's also aptly sized for the perfect outfit of the day shot or for one last check of your outfit before you leave for a dinner date. 


Faith's Rainbow Rattan Planter


Add house plants in your home for an instant mood lifter. Indoor plants can also remove up to 87% of toxins in the surrounding air and water, in just 24 hours of entering a home. Excessive screen time as we telecommunicate can also increase eye fatigue so it is always important to take short breaks during work. It is recommended that we take a 20 - second break from our computer screens for every 20 minutes we use them. Use that time to look at some greenery at home. 


Faith's Sunrise Rattan Planter


We have designed Faith's Sunrise Planter and Faith's Rainbow Planter to bring a smile to your face with their cheery and positive designs.


How can we forget about our little ones who are spending more time at home too! There is always so much debate over nature versus nurture. We are firm believers that readers are made, not born. The mental ability can only go that far without a nurturing environment and access to relevant resources. Having the right environment can play a significant role in developing strong readers. 


Hope's Sunrise Rattan Reading Bench with Cushion


Create a reading corner with our sunrise rattan armchair or a sunrise rattan bench (perfectly sized to fit two young ones!) and make books accessible with our rattan book ledge. For young children who do not show a natural interest in books, change the way you showcase their books. The colourful illustration of children’s books will surely catch the attention of young children when you use a front-facing shelf. In addition, it is easier for a young child to put the books away on a front-facing shelf rather than trying to squeeze a book back between two others. A front-facing book ledge allows you to place just the right amount of their favourite books to capture their attention.


Samuel's Rattan Baby Changing Basket with Cushion


Last but not least, for our tiniest human - we have created Samuel's Baby Changing Basket with CushionMeticulously weaved and handwoven using high-quality rattan to create a sturdy structure, Samuel's Baby Changing Basket is a timeless addition to a newborn's nursery. Consider placing this rattan changing basket on a change table to prevent the constant need to bend over to change your baby's diaper, or on your bed to prevent the mess from a poop disaster. The contoured sides of the changing basket also provide a safe environment for changing your little ones. As baby outgrows this changing basket, this rattan basket can also be used to stow away your clean and fresh laundry - it is truly a versatile and multi-purpose addition to your home!


And there you have it, our introduction of Florence. We think that our rattan products will be a great addition to your home, for both adults and children. What's more, orders within Singapore will enjoy free doorstep delivery for any purchase above $150. 

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