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Florence II - Our latest Home and Living collection!

Florence II - Our latest Home and Living collection!

Looking to add a touch of nature to your home? We love all things rattan and have expanded our rattan furniture and rattan homeware! Our collection of thoughtfully designed rattan furniture will instantly create a warm and inviting space for you and your family.

Joy's Sunrise Shoes and Storage Rack

Need a solution to keep your overflowing collection of footwear that you wear on a frequent basis? Or have you been buying small potted plants for some greeneries at home? Add cheer and neaten up with Joy's three tier multifunctional storage rack. Its open design means that you can conveniently access or display your prized possessions within easy reach. The sturdy and strong rattan frame lets you store items you love without any worry, plus, its spaced-out rattan shelf base allows you to wipe and clean each tier easily.


Left: Jude's Resting and Dining Chair

Right: Jude's Junior Play and Learn Chair

Jude's chair comes in two sizes. Jude's Junior Play and Learn Chair will fit in seamlessly with your home decor and give your child a sense of value and ownership with their own chair that looks just like the adults'!  Children can lean back comfortably against the rattan woven backrest. Slim yet sleek, Jude's chair brings maximum comfort for little ones for plenty of art and crafts activities, learning and play time. Consider adding Jude's Resting and Dining Chair to your dining table for an instant sense of nostalgia. Harmonising rusticness with contemporary design, our rattan dining chair is an elegant and classic piece suitable for all styles of home. Its rattan-lined backrest and the curved seat design allow you and your guests to sit and rest on it comfortably for hours!

Tabitha's Coffee Nesting Table

Our Tabitha's Coffee Nesting Table comes in a set of two, and they are a charming space-solving solution that will fit beautifully as an anchor centrepiece in your living room. If you have young children playing and running around in the living room, then our rattan nesting tables would be the ideal tables for you. Comes in a set of two tables, they are also a great space solving solution to your living room. Choose to use them as a set or independently. We all know how our children always choose to hang around us when we are working. Now, you can keep your children close when you work. They could learn, play and craft beside you on the larger nesting table. Lightweight yet sturdy, tug the smaller table under the bigger one once you are done for the day.


 Hope's Sunrise Armchair (Adult)

Hope's Armchair was a hit amongst parents when it launched as it instantly changes the look of their children's playroom. So when suggestions came pouring in for us to make Hope's sunrise armchair in an adult version, we knew we had to act on it! Your suggestions matter to us and we take them seriously! Blending contemporary elegance with rustic charm, our Hope's Sunrise Armchair (Adult) is an upsized version of our popular Hope's Sunrise Kid's Armchair. It comes with a curved armrest to let you sit and rest your arms comfortably especially when reading or doing some online shopping on your phone! Hope's Sunrise Armchair now comes in a bigger, wider and taller version right for the adults! If you are looking to create a read and relax corner for the entire family, why not consider both the adult and children version and make reading a habit at home?


Elijah's Bar and Drinks Cart Trolley

Having friends over for a dinner? Entertain your guest in style with Elijah's Bar and Drinks Cart Trolley. Our rattan drinks cart is aptly sized to fit any corner of your home without taking up too much space, yet enables you to serve with style and great panache. Create and replicate the resort vibes as you fit it in any corner of your apartment. 


If you have an empty corner in the house, or looking to just add another seating to your living room, Philip's Lounge Sofa Chair is the perfect addition to the dedicated corner you have set aside. Remember to set your alarm! There’s nothing like sinking into a huge, cushiony, comfortable armchair, and curling up to read, watch a movie, or catch a mid-day nap! The back of this lounge chair is simply stunning with its rattan weaving that adds a touch of sophisticated texture and detail to your living space. Comes with a cushion for the back and the seat, they are absolutely comfortable for you to lean back and relax. Did we also mention that the covers are removable and machine washable for your convenience?


Benjamin's Bed Side Table

Keep the side of your bed clutter-free with Benjamin's Bed Side Table! This timeless piece perfectly complements all styles of bedrooms with its sleek and clean design. Conveniently reach your favourite books and trinkets with its open compartment, or open the door to reveal a sizeable amount of storage space with two layers of shelves that will allow you to neatly store all the daily essentials you may need to unplug and unwind after a long day. 


Nala's Cosy Home Pet Bed

Dogs and cats are man's best friend! How can we forget them? Allow your pet to feel right at home as they curl up and snuggle into Nala's Cosy Home Pet Bed! Specially designed with two tiers that will allow your pet to flexibly pick their favourite spot to rest, and for additional storage space for all their favourite toys. Its spaced-out rattan shelf base also lets you clean it quickly and conveniently, and it helps keep your pet cool and ensures that the cosy home is well ventilated as they rest.


Caleb's Junior Desk with Drawer

Creating a conducive space for learning is always on our mind! Caleb's Junior Desk is designed to be a statement piece that will accompany your child throughout their childhood years. Beautifully handcrafted with elegant rattan sides, and a hardy rattan frame that is able to provide comfortable usage that lasts for generations. Comes with two functional drawers for convenience and for additional storage - this also helps your children to build good habits from young as they learn to keep their stationery and materials away right after use.


And there you have it, our introduction of Florence II. We think that our rattan products will be a great addition to your home, for both adults and children. To celebrate our new arrivals, take 8% off all rattan products with coupon code LAUNCH8. Discount ends 15 August 2021. What's more, orders within Singapore will enjoy free doorstep delivery for any purchase above $150. 


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