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Simple ways to Create a Reading Nook right at Home

Simple ways to Create a Reading Nook right at Home

Have you been purchasing beautifully illustrated children books in hope that your encouragement and inculcation of love for books during your child's early years could help your child to become avid readers? Is your child not reaching out for the beautifully illustrated books at home? We have three simple tips which work for us and we hope we could encourage you to create a cosy and comfortable reading corner to get them started and eventually hooked on reading.  

Tip 1: Position the books outwards.

The way you position your books matter! Walk into a library and you will notice that books under the recommended section are always front facing. At the children's section, you will notice many front-facing bookshelves with beautiful display of board books and picture books. We highly recommend parents to use a front facing bookshelf or a book ledge up till the age of 9 year old. Children who are still learning to read would be drawn towards the colourful illustrations on the book cover when we display the books facing front. A child can only love reading if he consistently reads. Thus, this is also helpful to entice and encourage young children to pick up a new book. You could also display books according to themes - Dinosaurs, Ocean, Sea Animals, Earth, etc.  To further encourage your child to read frequently, rotate and change up the books after a week or two or when you notice your child is not showing as much interest in the books anymore.  

Tip 2: Choose a suitable spot

A suitable spot to showcase your books would be an area that is safe and brightly lit. Choose a brightly lit area, whether an area with sufficient natural sunlight or add a light source to protect your children's eyes. Start off with a small and cosy reading nook. It could simply be a corner of your children's existing playroom or bedroom. You could also consider creating a reading nook at the living room so that you could keep your children within your sight while working or performing chores at home. 

Tip 3: Choose a comfortable seat

An inviting and comfortable sitting corner is important to keep young children seated for long hours. Children are not going to feel comfortable sitting on a hard floor for more than 15 minutes, let alone hours. You could try adding a floor rug, a soft blanket, cushions or a small comfortable armchair with cushion at the reading nook to complete the look. Children feel a constant need to move around, therefore these options provide your child the option to read while seated on the floor or on an armchair. If you have bay windows at home, you could simply add plenty of cushions to create a cosy corner for reading. 


There we go! Three simple tips to ensure a beautiful reading nook. We sure hope these tips help as you create your own reading nook at home.


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