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Tips to Surviving Full Home Based Learning!

Tips to Surviving Full Home Based Learning!

Today marks the first day of home-based learning (HBL) for our school-going children. While it won't be the first rodeo for most parents, we thought we will share some practical tips and suggestions we have gathered from our friends who are teachers and parents! 

1) Set your alarm clock! HBL is all about attending formal lessons from home. Although it is completely okay to wake up a bit later than usual school days,  learning from home is not an excuse for students to sleep in for the entire day. Ensure that your child sets their alarm and wakes up at least 45 minutes to wash up and have their breakfast before starting on their lessons (tiny habits go a long way!). 

2) Download and (if possible) print out your child's HBL timetable. As parents, we can help our child take ownership of their learning. Provide our children opportunities to be self-directed while allocating time slots to check-in on their work. While we review their assignments, try to avoid giving them the answers immediately. Instead, direct our children to think of alternative ways to answer the questions before giving them the solutions. Advice your children to follow their timetable well and set scheduled sessions for revisions so that your child will not end up with a backlog of schoolwork.

3) Your young children is not going to be sitting quietly for hours. It is normal for them to want to run around. You will also need to encourage them to take screen breaks to avoid screen fatigue. Avoid showing your frustrations and your exasperations with your children. On many occasions, parents can get impatient with their children when they appear to be disengaged. Encourage your children to engage in offline activities and get some physical exercise if the environment allows for it! Use the time at home to communicate your love for your child. Bond with them by inviting your children to prepare meals with you or allow them to assist with your chores. 

4) Make sure your children have their passwords ready and have the necessary platforms and applications prepared (example: Student Learning Space, Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams). Learning remotely can be new for our children and as parents, we want to minimise the frustrations our children may face. Children may feel anxious when they forget their passwords and when they run late for their online classes because of technical difficulties. Your role is to calm them down. 

5) Need someone to talk to? These are unprecedented times. In the face of uncertainties, it is common to feel unsettled, perhaps even a little nervous about our children's progress, As a parent, don't be afraid to reach out to your child's teachers if you need someone to talk to and get some HBL tips from! If your child is feeling anxious, their school counsellors are there to support them. Simply connect with their form teachers and they will direct help accordingly. 

We sure hope these tips help as we ride through these Phase 2 heightened alert measures! Stay Safe!


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