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Our Favourite Halloween Books for Kids!

Our Favourite Halloween Books for Kids!

It's hard to avoid the topic of Halloween if you bring your children out to the supermarket or shopping malls in October. You will find halloween decorations all around and as parents, it can be uncomfortable to discuss this topic with children. After all, Halloween has always been associated with haunted house, ghosts that come in different forms, black cats, vampires and potions dating back to rituals practiced thousands of years ago.

Today, celebrating Halloween has evolved into parties where friends and families gather, with children and adults dressing up as a specific character of their choice. Halloween parties also include trick or treat and art activities. When discussing Halloween with children, there's nothing like using books to start these conversations. 



Here are five of our favourite books for this Halloween. 

#1 Gustavo

In Gustavo, The Shy Ghost, no one seems to notice poor little Gustavo. Gustavo is able to do almost anything but he is very shy by nature, and that makes it extremely different for him to interact and make new friends. Still, Gustavo desperately wants to make a friend. Determined to overcome his fears, he plans to share his love for playing the violin with the rest of the little monsters in town. Gustavo bravely invites his peers to a cemetery violin concert on the Day of the Dead, and when “not a soul had come” he gathers his courage and plays his music anyway. 

#2 Ghost in the House

There's a ghost in the house, In the creepy haunted house, On this dark spooky night all alone... This book is written in verses and has wonderful rhythm and predictions at the end of every page. It allows your little one to guess the spooky monster hidden around the corner. There is also a counting practice and makes a wonderful spooky storybook for little ones between the age of 2 to 4 years old. 

#3 Bonaparte Falls Apart

A great book about friendship and teamwork. Bonaparte is a little skeleton boy who seems a little different as he has trouble keeping his bones in place. He falls apart whenever he walks or tries to play with his friends. School is starting soon and Bonaparte doesn’t know what to do to solve his problem. Bonaparte's friends tried many ways to help him! With the help of his friends he overcomes his difficulties and is ready to go back to school.

#4 Vampenguin

The Dracula family heads to the zoo where they rush to visit the penguins first thing. While visiting various animals, they don't notice that their youngest decides to switch places with a baby penguin. The Dracula family leaves the penguins and spends the day visiting all the other zoo exhibits and even eating lunch, all without noticing the switch. The change went unnoticed to create a lovely adventure.

#5 The Little Kitten

Ollie and her cat, Pumpkin heads outside. She is about to jump in a pile of leaves when she notices that it is moving! Inside she discovers a shivering little kitten. Ollie warms the kitten up and the three become friends, but when Ollie sees “Lost Kitten” posters hanging on the trees in the forest, she knows she has to help her new friend get home. Following a secret path in the woods, Ollie finds the kitten’s home. But that’s when Ollie realises that she had left Pumpkin behind. She ends up lost in the woods while trying to find Pumpkin. Fortunately, Pumpkin finds her and lead Ollie back home.


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