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Rattan Furniture

We are bringing rattan back! Remember those childhood memories of lounging on rattan chairs for hours and having endless fun riding on your rattan rocking horse? And that is what we aim for our new range of rattan furniture to evoke - nostalgic memories brought back through classic furniture pieces and reimagined modern designs that complement every form of interior styles and layouts. Designed with our little ones in mind, our first rattan furniture launch focuses on children's furniture pieces. We want to encourage organisation skills with our crafts cart and to proudly showcase our growing open-ended toys collection with the display and storage house shelf! As rattan is often associated with island living and tropical beach vibes, we have also designed rattan planters that will make great standing statement pieces in living rooms and other indoor spaces. Be assured as rattan is not only a sustainable natural material, it is also very sturdy and hardy, this means that you can expect your rattan furniture to last for generations. The best bit? Let us do the heavy lifting for you, shop our rattan furniture online and enjoy free shipping for Singapore orders above $150.

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