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5 tips from Marie Kondo on organising your home for kids | Shop Rattan Furniture Online | Kathy's Cove

5 tips from Marie Kondo on organising your home for kids

By now, we are sure everyone is familiar with Marie Kondo, as well as her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. And we thought we would share 5 tips that we have learned from Marie Kondo on organising your home for kids. While ...
Create a calm down corner with our rattan truck | Kathy's Cove

Creating a calm down corner at home

As parents, we have experienced tantrums, meltdowns and outbursts from our toddlers and preschoolers at least once a day. It could surface from a lack of attention, or overstimulation, but they are definitely not naughty. Tantrums are signs that our child has not learnt how to manage his emotion...
Kathy's Cove Felt Toys

Felt food for pretend play in the kitchen

When it comes to choosing toys, play kitchen ranks amongst the top when it comes to open-ended and pretend-play because of the immense amount of benefits for a child's development. However, your children's play kitchen and cart trolley are only complete when you have a sufficient amount of preten...
Kathy's Cove Isaac's Unordinary Unicorn Rocking Chair

The Rocking Horse Of Yesteryears Is Back With A Twist!

A classic symbol of childhood, the rocking horse has a history of more than 500 years. The rocking horse in its current form dates back to the 17th Century when wooden rocking horses first appeared in Europe. Popular amongst the upper class and wealthy European families, the rocking horse was us...
Ellie's Organisation and Crafts Cart

Manage your art supplies with an art cart!

"My children love crafting but I hate the mess!" Sounds familiar? Have you been looking for an organising cart but have found it difficult to find the right one that will complement your home and living space? We totally understand how that feels!     We cannot deny our children the opportunitie...